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Centerhung Video Displays

Get the ultimate game experience with maximum flexibility

Indoor arenas can provide fans with a 360-degree view of all the action with an in-bowl centerhung video display. Daktronics systems are the easiest to integrate through the entire arena. Support your centerhung with a combination of video displays, ribbon displays and scoreboards for a one-of-a-kind experience for your fans.

  • Generate more sponsorship revenue with added inventory
  • Highlight a number of sponsors or offer a moment of exclusivity for entire arena
  • Show fans up-to-the-minute statistics using real-time data such as game statistics, out-of-town scores and season statistics.
  • Get the crowd into the game with cheer graphics
  • Easily scale up or down to fit your facility needs




LED Displays For Shopping Centers​

Generate new revenue through advertising and entertainment with LED displays from Daktronics.

No matter the size of your facility, digital displays set you apart from the competition. Build a dynamic identity for your shopping center. Attract both tenants and shoppers with vibrant images and color.

Displays are often a consumer’s first visual. Digital advertising entertains and entices people to buy. Digital displays also help your tenants promote their brands; the more you help them sell, the more loyal they become.

How can you use LED displays?

  • Attract impulse shoppers
  • Run the latest news
  • Establish your community presence
  • Showcase multimedia presentations
  • Engage shoppers with interactive content
  • Provide brand recognition for the mall and tenants

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